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Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 5149.10 created the Parole Board as a section within the Adult Parole Authority consisting of up to twelve (12) members, including the Chair.  The members are appointed by the Director of the DRC, and must be qualified by education or experience in correctional work, including law enforcement, prosecution of offenses, advocating for the rights of victims of crime, probation or parole, in law, in social work, or in a combination of the three categories.  Members, except the Chair and the Victim Representative, appointed after September 30, 2011, will be subject to term limits of two (2) six (6) year terms.  The Director, in consultation with the Governor, must appoint one individual to the Board who is a victim of crime, a member of a victim’s family, or who represents an organization that advocates for the rights of victims of crime.   The Parole Board currently consists of eight members whose primary statutory duties include conducting release consideration hearings on all parole eligible inmates and providing clemency recommendations to the Governor.

ORC section 5149.10 also provides for “any other personnel that are necessary for the orderly performance of the duties of the board.”   Additional Parole Board personnel include a staff of 16 Hearing Officers, including three supervisory Chief Hearing Officers.  The primary statutory duties of the Hearing Officers are to assess all inmates sentenced after July 1, 1996, and determine whether or not Post Release Control will be required after release, and to conduct field violation hearings to determine if violations of the conditions of supervision have occurred and recommend an official response to the violations.

There are also 22 Parole Officers assigned to the Parole Board.  These officers assist in preparing hearing materials, submit Transitional Control recommendations and conduct clemency investigations.  They are headquartered at various correctional institutions throughout the state, and are supervised by four Quality Assurance analysts.

Administrative staff of the Parole Board includes an Executive Assistant, three Criminal Justice Planning Specialists, and two support staff.  These staff are integral in ensuring the orderly processing and administration of the Parole Board’s duties and functions.

To submit an email concerning an Offender's Parole Board Hearing, please fill out and submit the Parole Board Email form.

Parole Board Members

Alicia Handwerk


Ms. Handwerk was appointed to the Parole Board in January 2013.  She began her employment with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in the Interstate Compact section.  After a number of years with the Bureau of Adult Detention, she began working in the Bureau of Community Sanctions in the halfway house section.  Most recently, Ms. Handwerk was Chief of the Bureau of Community Sanctions, overseeing the administration of Community Based Correctional Facilities, Community Correction Act programs, halfway houses, Community Residential Centers, Permanent Supportive Housing, Residential Placement and the Transitional Control Program.  She has a Bachelor’s and a Juris Doctorate degree. 

Kathleen Kovach


Mrs. Kovach was appointed to the Parole Board in January 2003. Mrs. Kovach comes to the Parole Board with 13 years of experience in crime victim services.  She was employed for 11 years with the Victim Assistance Program in Summit County, serving three years as Assistant Director.  In addition, Mrs. Kovach spent two years as the Director of Victim Services for the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office.    She has a Bachelors and a Masters Degree and is a Licensed Social Worker with the State of Ohio.


Joe Brumfield


Joe Brumfield began his career at a youth residential center in 2006 and then as a youth child-care worker for a day treatment facility.  Most recently, he was promoted to become the Director of Youth Outpatient Programs for Mental Health Services of Clark and Madison Counties.  Mr. Brumfield has 9 years of experience in assessing and treating mental illnesses and substance use disorders in both youth and adults, and received his mental health counseling license in 2011.  Mr. Brumfield holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Science, specializing in clinical mental health and substance use disorders.


Lance Pressley


Lance Pressley has been appointed to the Parole Board as the victim representative. Mr. Pressley comes to the Parole Board with over 15 years of experience in the field of crime victim services. He served approximately 15 years as a victim advocate with the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office.  He previously worked as a victim/witness advocate for the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office at The Center for Family Safety and Healing through Nationwide Children's Hospital.   Mr. Pressley holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in public administration.  Kathleen Kovach, currently the victim representative, will remain on the Board and transition to the position vacated by Ron Nelson.

Marc Houk 


Mr. Houk was appointed to the Parole Board in July 2012.  He began employment with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction as a Correction Officer in 1987 and earned his way through the ranks holding various positions with distinction. Mr. Houk served as Warden for over 10 years at four facilities to include London Correctional Institution, Southeastern Correctional Institution, and Ohio State Penitentiary. Most recently, Mr. Houk served as Warden at Lorain Correctional Institution.  Mr. Houk has a Bachelors Degree.

Dr. Tracy L. Reveal


Dr. Reveal was appointed to the Parole Board in November 2015.  Dr. Reveal began her career in criminal justice in 1993, working as a victim advocate, court clerk and later as a child abuse investigator. She joined the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in 1994 as a Parole Officer, working in Ross and Highland Counties. Tracy has additionally worked as the Staff Development Specialist for the Cincinnati and Chillicothe Regions of the Adult Parole Authority (APA), and as the Assistant Regional Administrator in the Chillicothe APA Region. She has served as an adjunct instructor for Southern State Community College, Ohio University and Franklin University. In 2001, former Director Dr. Reginald Wilkinson appointed Tracy to serve as the Superintendent of the Corrections Training Academy. She currently serves an appointed position as co-chair of the American Correctional Association's Training Committee, and is President-elect of the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel and was recently elected to represent Adult Parole and Probation Agencies on the American Correctional Association’s Board of Governors. Tracy holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and a Doctoral Degree in Education.

Scott Widmer


Mr. Widmer was appointed to the Parole Board in December 2018. Mr. Widmer began employment with the Department in 1996 as a Parole Board Parole Officer. He previously worked for the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio as a Correction Officer and as an adjunct instructor for Tiffin University. He was appointed as a Hearing Officer in January 2001. Mr. Widmer has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a MBA with a concentration in Public Administration.

Glenn Holmes


Mr. Holmes was appointed to the Parole Board in May 2019.  Mr. Holmes began his career as an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He soon followed this service with employment as a service supervisor with Dowell Oil and Gas Division and a lengthy career with First Energy as a substation inspector.  Mr. Holmes previously served as Council President and Mayor of McDonald, Ohio.  He was then elected State Representative serving Ohio’s 63rd House District.  During his career, Mr. Holmes has chaired numerous public, civic, private boards and foundations.  Mr. Holmes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Steve Herron


Mr. Herron was appointed to the Parole Board in May 2019.  Mr. Herron comes to the Board with 19 years of experience as an Assistant Ohio Public Defender, representing clients before the Parole Board at Full Board and release violation hearings.  He was previously employed with the Montgomery County Public Defender and in private practice.   Mr. Herron has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Juris Doctorate degree.  

Lisa Hoying


Ms. Hoying was appointed to the Parole Board in May 2019.  Ms. Hoying comes to the Parole Board with 11 years of experience as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with the Clark County Prosecutor’ Office.  She began in the Civil Division of the Prosecutor’s Office providing legal advice to county entities and subdivisions on numerous issues. In 2012, Ms. Hoying moved to the Appellate Division of the office and managed all criminal appeals and post-conviction relief matters.  Most recently, she was assigned to the Criminal Division where she handled numerous felony matters, including violent crimes against persons, property crimes, and narcotics crimes.  Since 2018, Ms. Hoying has been a member of the Board of Developmental Disabilities.  She has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and a Juris Doctorate Degree. 


Former Parole Board Members Serving Between 1996 and 2018


Start Date

End Date

Bedra, Slayman "Jim"



Bogan, Bobby



Brown, Victor



Capots, Ray



Collins-Taylor, Cathy



Cholar, Richard



Croft, Gary



Davis, Peter



Denton, Jay



Echols, Walter



Ghee, Margarette



Gooch, H. Richard



Grinner, Henry



Hudson, William



Imbrogno, Andre



Jackson, Michael H.



Jones, Gloria



Karl, Olivia



Mack, Sandra



Martinez, Cheryl



Maszczynski, Robert



Mathews, Larry



Mausser, Cynthia



Milligan, Patrick



Mitchell, Betty



Nelson, Ron



Rauschenburg, R. F.



Smith, Shirley A.



Torres, Jose



Upper, Constance



Venters, Ellen